Yoga 1 Tuesday

Course: Yoga 1 Tuesday

Course Start Date: 23rd January 2024

This is a gentle yoga class suitable for anyone who can get up and down from the floor unaided. This class, apart from yoga poses, combines elements of mindfulness, somatic movement, breath awareness and meditative relaxation.

At the class you will be guided towards a practice that is right for your body. You will be invited to notice how the body feels in movement and in stillness and developing a deeper connection to yourself. You will be encouraged to be the expert of your own body and have the freedom to explore movement in a way that feels good for you.

This class includes a combination of gentle moves, stretches, body strengthening and weight-bearing exercises. Each class finishes with meditative relaxation usually with a piece of mindful poetry, to ensure that you will leave the class feeling inspired and relaxed.

Benefits of Yoga Practice

  • Promotes healthy physical activity – Gentle yoga practice helps develop greater mobility and flexibility and can be effective in preventing bone density loss.
  • Stress Management – Regular yoga practice can help relieve stress and enhance physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga poses help us release the tension that can build up in our bodies as a result of daily stress.
  • Greater Mind-Body Awareness – Yoga teaches us to notice what is happening in the body and mind as we move through the different poses. This heightened awareness helps us to become more mindful of our actions on and off the mat.
Active Age Yoga
  • Course Start Date: 23rd January 2024
    Course Duration: 12 Weeks
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  • Spaces Available: 17 (4 out of 17 spaces available)
  • Cost: €95