Course: Photography

Course Start Date: 26th January 2024

The word photography literally means ‘drawing with light’ in which one can create a picture by recording an image on light sensitive film, or digitally via a digital electronic or magnetic memory.

Join the camera club… it’s a great way to learn from others, has a good social side, ie: others to go on photo shoots with, and advice to share.


  • Can be taken up relatively cheaply – you don’t need to buy expensive equipment. The modern smart phones have very good cameras.

  • Photos usually record happy events in our lives so we are able to bring back many happy memories.

  • Taking photos can nurture our creative side – we start seeing scenes and objects in a different way.

  • Photos are a way of curating, eg: take photos of your childrens’ art or that great holiday – and make an album of them thus preserving them and making them easily accessible.
Photography classes for Seniors
  • Course Start Date: 26th January 2024
    Course Duration: 12 Weeks
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  • Spaces Available: 16 (-2 out of 16 spaces available)
  • Cost: €20

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