Code of Conduct

While we are a voluntary organisation, we strive to conduct our business in as professional a manner as possible to avoid miscommunication and conflict

Dignity and Respect

Active Age for All (AAfA) is an organisation which recognises the right to dignity of all individuals, and imposes a duty of respect on them, whereby members are treated with consideration, courtesy and respect; and without harassment, physical or verbal abuse, or actions that can be interpreted as bullying or demeaning of others.

Definition of Bullying:  Bullying is defined as unwanted negative behaviour, verbal, psychological or physical conducted by an individual or group against another person (or persons) and which is repeated over time. This is the definition of bullying that has been endorsed by the Department of Education and Skills in Ireland)

In addition,  placing a once-off offensive or hurtful public message, image or statement on a social network site or other public forum where the message, image or statement can be viewed and/or repeated by other people will be regarded as bullying behaviour.

Harassment is defined as conduct which has the purpose or effect of violating a person’s dignity and creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for that person. ( Employment Equality Acts )

We in AAfA are volunteers and give freely of our time and talents. We are expected to behave in a way that is respectful and helpful to one another and be tolerant of each other’s differences. All members should refrain from engaging in acts of harassment or bullying and work to deliver a positive environment in which to conduct all our activities. All members of AAfA are expected to act in accordance with the organisation’s Code of Conduct. 

All members are expected to:

  • Act with tolerance, sensitivity, respect, and impartiality towards others. We take all allegations of harassment or bullying very seriously.
  • Act with integrity and honesty at all times. To demonstrate the highest standard of behaviour when dealing with each other and the general public.
  • Avoid behaviour or language that frightens, humiliates, belittles or degrades, disempowers others, including criticism that is delivered with a raised voice.
  • Avoid behaviour that undermines, treats less favourably, excludes or disempowers others.
  • Refrain from the use of inappropriate communication, verbal or written, including letters, email, telephone, or text messages.

Organisational Values

Active Age for All provides the opportunity for people over the age of 55 to engage in social, cultural, educational and recreational activities and events in an open and friendly atmosphere. Our activities are aimed at promoting the health and wellbeing of our members, with the emphasis on enjoyment.  Inclusivity should be one of our core values. 

While we are a voluntary organisation, we strive to conduct our business in as professional a manner as possible, to avoid miscommunication and conflict.

Complaints procedures

All complaints of harassment or bullying are taken very seriously and will be dealt with speedily.

  1. We would initially ask the parties involved to try and resolve the issue between themselves.
  2. If resolution is not possible, complainants should write to the secretary of the Committee to make a formal complaint.
  3. All complaints must be made in writing and signed.
  4. A sub-committee will be formed to investigate the complaint. The sub-committee will consist of one officer, one committee member, and one independent person. The sub-committee will be chosen by the full Committee. They will then meet with those involved to reach a resolution.
  5. A range of sanctions for breaches of the code of conduct are possible: eg. verbal or written warnings and,
  6. depending on the severity of the complaint, suspension of membership from AAfA and/or cancellation of membership of  AAfA.

Governance and Accountability for Officers of Active Age for All


We the officers and committee members of AAfA agree and understand that AAfA is a voluntary, non-profit organisation working for the benefit of its members, and we are accountable to those members at all times. We expect the highest standard of accountability from each Committee member.

We agree that all matters, including financial matters, are dealt with in an open and transparent manner with full accountability to our members.


We agree that the governance of Active Age for All will conform to the highest standards of honesty and transparency. We will follow the rules set out in our Constitution dealing with:

    • Election of the Committee
    • Constitution of the Committee
    • Term of the Committee
    • Election of Officers
    • Production of Accounts
    • Election of Auditors
    • Safeguarding of Accounts and Financial records.
    • Officers and committee members of the AAfA agree to adhere to the code of conduct, including the enforcement of any sanctions under the complaints procedures.